How Important Is A Great Security System For Self Storage Units

Ownership of a self storage unit is a risky business venture. Security and safety are the two most important factors self storage. A safe and secure environment is crucial when you are responsible for the care and control of several people’s lives. The entire facility must be secured and locked from theft. The human instinct to want something free is ingrained in our nature. Yet, some will go to great extents to obtain things they don’t have. This is evident in the high rate of shoplifting at self storage units in the United States and around the globe. It is important to have a reliable company provide security and keep it up-to-date.

Names of security companies have not changed over the years. These include Sonitrol, Guardian and many others who will protect your units for a reasonable price. Self storage unit owners are often faced with rising costs and more vacant units in these tough economic times. This does not bode well for the bottom-line, or the accountant. Or the business owner of self storage units. Security and safety are still the top priorities in any business. As the criminal element has become more sophisticated in raiding unsecured self storage units, it is no longer enough to have a padlock or a chain around the main gate.

One great example of a fantastic system is one that is managed by a small self-storage facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The owner of the self storage unit has recognized that criminals are now sophisticated and will do whatever it takes to protect what they consider their livelihood or property. This means that you must ensure that all perimeters of self-storage units are protected against intrusion. This could be an eight to nine foot chain link fence with razor or Constantine wire applied on the top. This will prevent night time raids from happening and can be used as an option to increase the security of self-storage units owners. Second, after the fence has been installed and is in place, the next step would to purchase and install a lock on each self-storage unit. The office should keep a list of all available locks. This inventory can be updated with changing prices for those who are unable to afford the higher priced twenty-to-30 dollar lock. The electronic security system must be kept offsite, and should not be removed by cutting the main control panel. These units have been robbed by thieves who are now highly skilled and sophisticated.

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