Mini Storage: A Few Things to Remember

ZH Brilliant Storage is becoming increasingly popular for its safety, convenience and affordability. Mini storage is a safe, sturdy option in many storage facilities. It allows owners to store their less valuable items. If mini storage is something you are thinking about, here are five things to keep your mind on:

Inspect Storage Facility’s Security. Just just because a storage unit claims to have surveillance cameras and 24 hour monitoring, does that mean it is safe? It’s vital to discover what units are available as well as if the cameras cover those units. To prevent unauthorised people breaking into your mini storage, a camera isn’t enough.
Check if Buildings are up to Code: Another aspect to be aware of is whether or not the building has been code-compliant in order to protect you belongings. Does the building conform to fire-codes? Are there smoke detectors on the premises? Are fire alarms and sprinkler systems available in the building? Many people store valuables and documents in their mini storage. This is why it is so important to make sure that the building has fire suppression.
Does the facility have an Onsite Manager To avoid potential problems in the future, you may want to have someone on-site to manage your property. If you ever need someone to talk about your unit, it’s a pain if they can’t be reached in person.
What are the Actual Dimensions for this Unit? Mini storage is what you need. Make sure you have enough storage space for all of your items. A lot of companies will say “yes, we have that”, but you’ll find out when they are “out”. Do not accept a smaller unit than you need!