What can an Electronic Water Descaler Do for Me?

An electronic water scaler can be a great addition to your home. This article explains why an electronic water descaler is a great addition to any home safety plan.

What is a website electronic water scaler?

An electronic water scaler is used to remove limescale deposits from hard water. This affects approximately 60% of UK homes. Magnetic descalers and ion-exchange softeners are more expensive and less effective than other methods.

The benefits

You can effectively reduce the “scum” in your sinks and baths.

Use chemical to soften water

Low cost solution.

Assists in maintaining the pipework of the house, such as boilers, storage tanks and radiators, as well washing machines and showers.

It is easy to install. There are no moving parts.

Low maintenance.

Indicates faults in the internal or external systems.

Does not have any adverse effects on the chemical composition of water.

You can enjoy the health benefits of soft water (e.g. It is gentler on the skin

Avoid using harmful cleaning products.

Reduced heating costs can be achieved by not using more fuel. Limescale reduces flow.

When will I start to see the benefits?

The unit will soften water as soon as it’s installed. This will prevent limescale buildup from ever occurring. It takes longer to get rid of deposits that have been built up over years, but they will eventually disappear when the water is softer. Although it can take several months to remove limescale deposits due to the fact that some of them have been building up for decades, it is relatively easy.