Aluminum Flagpoles Have Many Benefits

Aluminum flagpoles, which are lightweight, durable, versatile, and relatively cheap, are most popular. They can be used both for commercial and residential purposes. An aluminum flagpole will withstand the elements and with little wear and tear. Aluminum flagpoles can be purchased in either a one-piece or telescoping design. Available colors include natural, dark bronze, satin, and black. Choose the right color to complement your home or company. Use useful reference mild detergent to wash the pole when it gets dirty.

Aluminum flagpoles may be rigged using either an external or an internal halyard.

External systems have the ropes or other rigging at the pole’s exterior. This system is reliable, but susceptible to vandalism. It can also be noisy when blowing.

Internal systems keep the equipment inside safe and quiet. The hatch to access the halyard is found near the base. This is a more costly option.

Inground aluminum flagpoles should be grounded in a concrete foundation and secured with a groundsleeve. At least 10% of the pole’s length must be underground. Your flag must not exceed 40% of the pole height.

Buy a telescoping aluminium flagpole that locks into place. This will ensure stability during high winds.